Long Grove Arts & Music Council

Eleventh Season - 2016
Old Friends & New Music
Towner Green on Old McHenry Road
Across from The Village Tavern
All concerts are on Sundays at 4pm

July 10th  

Harpeth Rising

Ever since their first visit three years ago
Harpeth Rising has been rocketing in popularity,
We are extraordinarily fortunate they love to play here,
So we are thrilled to welcome back this amazing group.
Absolutely not to be missed.


July 17th  

Corky Siegel, Howard Levy & Chris Siebold

An incredible gathering of some of Chicago's best musical talent
At any other venue tickets for this performance would be $50
If you only get to one concert this summer,
make it here for this phenomenal show!

July 24th  

BeauSoleil Trio with Michael Doucet

A cajun legend comes to Long Grove. Not sure how else to say
this, but we never dreamed of having a summer with this kind
of talent. Michael Doucet has been a leader in the resurgance
of cajun music and we are honored to have BeauSoleil play here.

August 7th

Alfonso Ponticelli & Swing Gitan

Alfonso Ponticelli and Swing Gitan is Chicago’s premier gypsy-jazz band.
The group plays the 1930s-style music of guitarist Django Reinhardt
-- foot-tappin' swing played on acoustic instruments. It's a blend of the
jubilant swing of early jazz with the feisty passion of gypsy music, plus
a strong dose of guitar pyrotechnics and virtuosic improvisation.

August 21st  

Special Consensus

Bluegrass at it's finest as we welcome back this Grammy
nominated band that's been together for over 30years and
they continue to offer the best in bluegrass. We are so pleased
to have them return to our home town stage. Foot tapping
may not be required, but we doubt that you'll be able to resist.

August 28th  

Sons of the Never Wrong

SONS are as good as it gets when it comes to 3-part harmony
within original, whimsical songs that spring from a great folk tradition.
A trio made up of Sue Demel, Deborah Lader and Bruce Roper.
For 20 years, Sons has been wowing fans with their music, humor,
and outrageously fun live shows.