Long Grove Arts & Music Council
The Long Grove Writers’ Guild was founded in 2007 to provide an environment for serious writers to improve their craft. Since that first meeting, hundreds of poems, short-stories, meditations, blog postings, both fiction and non-fiction have been read, critiqued and reworked, with an end result of better writing and better writers.

Meetings take place on Sunday evenings at 7:30 pm at a residence in Long Grove. If you are interested in joining the LGWG, please submit three samples of your work to Jerry King - jerry@lgamc.org - along with your name, contact information and a few sentences about your interest in writing. Someone from the group will be in touch with you shortly. Although what is offered on this website are poems, all styles of writing are encouraged including short stories, non-fiction, novels, play, blogs and screenplays.

The creative expression of thought is critical to an open and functioning society. It is our hope that through the ideas expressed and the efforts of this group and the Long Grove Arts & Music Council, we may help achieve this goal.